Jamie HunsickerHi! I am Jamie Hunsicker, the owner and founder of Body Speaks. Not only do I have my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification, I am also a Registered Nurse and a Massage Therapist. Everyone has a journey and this is mine.

I have been a nurse for a total of ten years working in the Intensive Care Unit and then transitioning to hospice. I have worked in hospice for the past seven years. I have always been a believer in holistic medicine but really developed a passion for understanding it and a calling to becoming a practitioner several years ago.

One book led to another, one blog led to another, and slowly but surely I found my path. The more I learned, the more sure I felt that I could achieve this goal best through starting my own practice, doing things my way.

My goal and passion is to help people improve their health. I realized there were barriers I couldn't break down being a nurse having to follow strict procedures and guidelines that I felt often masked symptoms.

I wanted to ask "why" and get real answers — and I didn't want to be so concerned with the bottom dollar.

Health is multifaceted which is why I also got my massage license. After receiving my massage license, I then went to nutritional therapy school and received my certificate through the Nutritional Therapy Association.